Let’s Pop Your Bubble!

Let’s Pop Your Bubble!

I am so excited to start my blog again after 1,5 years. I finally feel comfortable writing in English. When I first came to California, I started writing a blog every week, but in Turkish. Then, as we all have the same excuses such as: “life happened”, “I got caught up with work”… and more. Thus, I didn’t feel like I want to write a blog and I stopped.

Let’s focus on the present and enjoy that I’ve decided to write every week from now to share my journey with you☺ hope you enjoy reading my blog and can apply it to your life in a miraculous way so that your life is never the same again, but more alive & free 🙌🏻

Let’s jump to the point! I am so passionate about making people uncomfortable, myself included! I live my life outside the box, where there are no excuses, no rules about life, no comfort zone, only freedom, love, happiness, adventure, and lots of miracles✨. If you like the idea, please continue reading 🤗

First I want you to go hiking for 2 hours and burn 930 calories somewhere you have never been! Is this too crazy to start with? 😈😁

Ok, I’m just kidding, you don’t have to do that (for now though😉). That was my (most recent experience leaving my comfort zone). I was always scared of hiking by myself in a place that I’ve never been to. Thus, last weekend I left my comfort zone and did what I thought I could not! After that, I felt amazing, as I always do when I pop my bubble.

Now, I want you to start testing how it feels to live outside of your comfort zone, living your life more freely…

Are you with me?😉

When was the last time you did something crazy or something that made you feel uncomfortable? When was the last time you pushed your own personal boundaries?

I know there is something or even many things that you have always wanted to do, but have never taken the first step. Is there anything that came to your mind? If not, it soon will 😉 Just keep reading…

Meanwhile, I’ll explain to you more what a comfort zone is, and how I reference it.

A comfort zone is where we feel safe, less stressed, and obviously comfortable😅.

I call this “The Bubble”, and, I like to Pop that Bubble in order to live life limitlessly!

Now, you have a better idea of what to expect from my blog – Miracles. We are going to go really deep into your mind, your beliefs, experiences, and fears. It’s pretty serious and hard work. Most importantly, if you’re willing to change your life for the better, you must commit to it no matter what!


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